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Singapore, a prosperous country with approximately 54 years of existence, composed of 63 islands with a great cultural diversity and an excellent modernization program that generated the title of the most expensive country in the entire world, and which at the same time, is taking steps to become also, the most intelligent, using the use of technological advances.

The Singapore Entrepreneur Pass, is a visa program exclusively for the conduct of business with benefits such as obtaining permanent residence, which is granted to foreign entrepreneurs interested in some way to move to Singapore for the construction of one or more companies and thus perform economic activities that generate some kind of benefit for the country.

Benefits of the Permanent Residence Permit:

  • Eligibility for loan companies like Bugis Credit and purchase second-hand apartments from the Housing and Development Board (HDB)
  • The right to live and work in Singapore permanently
  • Eligibility to purchase land properties (Subject to ministerial approval)
  • Contribute to the Central Provident Fund and meet needs for medical treatment, pensions, and education
  • Obtain mortgages through loan companies
  • Opting for Citizenship

Singapore is a country where more than 90% of the population owns their homes, while in the United States and the United Kingdom this percentage is 63 percent.

In the Asian country they have achieved that the great majority of the inhabitants own their own house in spite of being such a small country, that is to say, space is not enough. Singapore is home to approximately 8,000 people per square kilometer.

Special tax treatment for foreigners relocating to Singapore

There is no special tax regime applicable to foreigners establishing residence in Singapore. Singapore's territorial tax regime is a benefit in itself

- Income tax: people who decide to move to the jurisdiction of Singapore, may realize that it is a jurisdiction that has a territorial tax system. All this makes it known to those who live in Singapore that they only have to pay income taxes that accumulate regularly in Singapore. All income earned that citizens can collect or obtain in Singapore from external sources are free of taxes or tax rates. This does not apply only when they are corporate income.

In Singapore rates are usually progressive when it comes to personal income. It has been possible to register a maximum of 22 percent which is usually assumed and applied when it comes to net income that is well above an approximate of 320,000 SGD, at the change of the dollar would be about 240 thousand dollars. The only thing that is not subject to taxes, are capital gains, the only way they can be considered for the tax quota is only if that income is declared as a commercial income.

  • Relationship on the Tax on the patrimony: In this city no tax that is related to the patrimonies is associated nor is applied to them.
  • Taxes on donations and inheritances: As with inheritance taxes, this jurisdiction does not usually collect these taxes on inheritance or donations from people living in Singapore.
  • Tax on VAT and stamp duty: this tax is only 7 percent of the total GST rate, and is usually paid or paid by users through realty transfers.
  • Departure tax: users or people living in this place do not need to cancel an exit tax; It is very important to keep in mind that if the resident must go to another province, he must cancel all the taxes that have been collected in Singapore. Maintain a positive balance.

The 3 Best Cafés in Tanjong Pagar to Eat for Less than $20

It’s no secret that the prices of food and drinks at cafés can be expensive in the Central Area. You can still spend $20 or below on snacks or lunch without having to travel too far. Check out these three affordable cafés in Tanjong Pagar on your next visit.

Free The Robot

Free The Robot

This café’s name drew inspiration from hordes of office people from the central business district, also called “corporate robots” by the shop.
Free The Robot aims to be a place where office people, or anyone for that matter, can break their routine by eating there. You can visit Free The Robot at Telok Ayer Street from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. between Wednesday and Sunday.

Try the chicken meatball pasta for $13 or the avocado toast as a snack for $12. If you prefer rice meals, there’s the Furikake Boneless Grilled Chicken Thigh Rice Bowl for $18. Each bowl comes with Japanese rice, homemade achar, onsen egg, and a secret special sauce.

There’s also the Salmon Sashimi or Grass-Fed Beef Tender Rice Bowl for the same price. You’ll get a bowl with Japanese white rice, bonito flakes, furikake, homemade achar, sous-vide egg, and cucumber. Choose between salmon sashimi or grass-fed beef as the main ingredient.



If you’ve already tried Free The Robot, this Australian-style café is just a short walk away. Sarnies is known for its tasty sandwiches. Try the grilled aubergine or the basil pesto for $14.80 each.

The grilled aubergine is made with roasted capsicum, feta cheese, mesclun, and hummus. The basil pesto contains sautéed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, and mesclun.
Sarnies serves customers from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. during weekdays. You can visit the café from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends.

Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli

Here’s another sandwich joint at Telok Ayer Street. Park Bench Deli’s sandwiches are deliciously messy, so be ready with napkins before you dig in. You can visit the café from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Try the Hot Fried Chicken sandwich for $16. It comes with spicy fried chicken thigh, hot honey, tex-mex coleslaw, chili aioli, and sesame potato bun.
There’s also a double cheeseburger for $18. It’s made with American cheese, veggies, and a special sauce on a French sub roll.


Where do you usually eat out during your lunch break? If eating hawker fare still isn’t enough to stretch your budget, a short-term loan can solve your problem. Contact a licensed money lender today to find out more about personal loans.

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5 Amazing Food Stops In Pearl Hill

Pearl Hill is one of the two hills that is located on either side of the Singapore River—formerly known as Mount Stamford, which was named after Sir Stamford Raffles. It is well known for once being the location for former notable institutions such as the Pearl Hill Prison, Seaman’s hospital, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Miska Cafe

Miska Cafe

With excellent food and ambiance, the Miska Cafe brings you the authentic Mediterranean experience. The Miska Cafe has an extensive menu that caters to everyone's taste ranging from vegetarian-friendly meals, seafood, grill, and vegan options, among others. The Cafe is open every day of the week with different opening times but opens for a late breakfast.

Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh


If you want a specific taste of Chinese, Asian or Malaysian cuisines, then Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh is the best choice for you. The restaurant opens late in the morning, so they are available for lunch, brunch, and dinner. At an affordable price, enjoy new meals at this restaurant with great views.If you want a specific taste of Chinese, Asian or Malaysian cuisines, then Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh is the best choice for you. The restaurant opens late in the morning, so they are available for lunch, brunch, and dinner. At an affordable price, enjoy new meals at this restaurant with great views.

Gila Gula


Gila Gula is also known as a Dessert Bar. This is the perfect hideout for a first date. It is a private gathering with a quaint lane that overlooks a swing garden. It has a menu that consists of decent Lebanese cuisines such as the Mezza, which is an array of appetizers. With a menu that has a vast amount of desserts to choose from you are bound to have a great time trying out new desserts.

Chef's Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl


This restaurant offers the best quality ingredients, produce and gourmet products. With the unique menu, the Chef can express their creativity and present a meal based on the freshest produce and ingredients.

The English House


Has reading about food made your mouth water? Then you should plan that trip to Pearl Hill today. Visit one of these restaurants in Pearl Hill and have an unforgettable food experience. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section and also share this article with friends planning to visit.

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This is a restaurant that opens early, so it's an excellent option for breakfast, notwithstanding lunch and dinner too. It is also a place to hang out and kick back with a couple of drinks. At an affordable price, you can enjoy a three-course English meal.

Must Visit Places in Farrer Park

Farrer Park is one of the most vibrant districts in Singapore. All over the area is planned and done with a very appealing and aesthetic modern touch. Clean, contemporary and à la mode. Moreover, if you come down here to Farrer Park for a short trip, include these places in your to-go visit list, it’ll be worth it.

#1 City Square Mall

This is the ideal meet, play and shop. It houses up to 200 tenants ranging from toys, services, food and beverages as well as lifestyle. Located near Little India and Farrer Park MRT Station, it’s convenient to be your one-stop shop centre before going about your trip. They offer many gift vouchers that are attainable online. Visit their website now for these eye-catching offers.

#2 Mustafa Centre

Another shopping centre that is a dream home to all shoppers out there, locals or tourists. It operates 24/7 every single day to supply customers with all the goods that they need. “Everything can be found under one roof,” “if your item cannot be found here, it probably doesn’t exist,” as to what the visitors say, indicating how extensive the assortment of items sold here.

#3 Tyrwhitt Road

You may find amazing hidden gems along this road. The hippy cool cafes that is Instagram-worthy, your vintage souvenir quirky shops as well as uniquely built landmarks that is charming.

#4 Jalan Besar Stadium

Jalan Besar Stadium is a part of Jalan Besar Sports and Recreation Centre. If you’re lucky, you may catch Singapore Premier League to have quality time with your family members. It only costs $7.00 for adult tickets and $3.00 for kids’ tickets. Food during match are also given for free! You'll not be left in thirst and hunger while spectating. 

#5 Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

This major park in Singapore will be worth your time during the evening for sunset after you’ve your whole day shopping. It’s decorated with coloured lights and switched on at night to enchant the visitors. The greeneries and walking tracks will set you in a tranquil mood as a wrap to your long, fun day.

Singapore has both beautiful views from the city-centre as well as the suburban areas. If you've experienced other Singapore beauté, share with us down in the comment section below!

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top 4 Must-Do Fun Things in Kallang

Located in central of Singapore, Kallang is an establishing planning region. Even so, coming up here will not bore you as around its area are in the provinces of many places that are worth going to. Here we suggest some for you:

#1 Shopping @ Mustafa Shopping Centre

This is a famous departmental store in Singapore that is well-known and much preferred by locals and tourists because it operates 24/7. They supply great ranges and huge amounts of goods for all needs and demands of different customers. From electronics, to clothing, various food joints and even home accessories, they have it all! You may come at any time and supplies that you require will most likely be found.

#2 Unique Playtime @ AIRZONE

World’s first net suspended playground that lets you discover the fun of doing activities as if you’re in an outer space with zero gravity. The ball pits and massive slides are held up sturdily on air. Visitors will be supervised and carefully assisted by trained workers as well as facilitating the excited comers to maximize the playtime. You’ll certainly be in safe hands apart from having lots of fun. Entrance fee is fixed at $18.50 per hour for you to unleash your inner child excitement.

#3 Anticipate a Show @ Kallang Theatre

With capacity up to 1,700 seaters, Kallang Theatre has staged numerous international plays such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. Other than having concerts, many national ceremonies are also housed with ultra-modern lighting set-ups and sound system support. It also provides ballrooms, auditorium and other event spaces. Check its website beforehand to book your tickets now!

#4 City-tour on a Bike Near Kallang Riverside Park

If you’re planning to have a picturesque evening sight-see, bike rentals can be found widely in Kallang. Get your camera ready for the worthwhile view along beautiful parks and temples. You’ll have a chance to stop by Tanjong Rhu Bridge, Kallang Basin, Old Kallang Airport and Sri Manmatha Karuneshavarar Temple.

Kallang Riverside Park that is nearby Kallang Wave Mall features a tranquil scenery that connects to Marina Bay on the other end of the longest river in Singapore. Not only that, this is indeed a sought-after spot that locals often come by to walk their pets and have a little jog and a brisk walk.

If you think these suggestions are useful and you have others on your list, feel free to comment below!

Also, for any local or traveller who is needing some emergency cash, here we prepare for you the direction to get to Bugis Credit from mentioned venue.

Direction from Kallang to Bugis Credit.

5 Places Where You Can Unwind and Destress in Kallang Singapore

Kallang has several interesting places you can go to have fun while clearing your mind from worry. Its not wrong to show some self-love treating yourself from time to time. Here is a list of some places where you can shake off your stress while enjoying yourself.

#1 Kolam Ayer Waterfront

First, in the itinerary, why not go to Kolam Ayer Waterfront. If you like running around to destress yourself, then this is the right place for you. It has ample space to run and walk around the area. You will also have fun taking pictures on the colorful bridge they have. You can even catch a fish if you want. Just do it in the designated fishing area so you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. 

#2 Kallang Riverside Park

If you go and visit this place, you will see a cluster of Bougainvilleas in the area. It is an excellent background if you want to take souvenir pictures with your friends and loved ones. You can also go around and see the jogging and cycling tracks by the water. Watch the sunset and even book Kallang gas holder and use it as a venue for a family gathering or a ball game. 

#3 Goodman Arts Centre

If you enjoy performances, workshops, and exhibitions, then visit the Goodman Arts Centre. They have several classes that you can choose anytime you want, from pottery to dancing and many more. You will definitely have fun while learning a lot of stuff in this place. 

So what are you waiting for, enjoy yourself while using your imagination and learn stuff you don’t know yet. You can check out their events and activities on their website.

#4 Old Kallang Airport

Old Kallang Airport is the very first civil airport in Singapore. It was constructed way back to the 1930s, which open the door to different places around the world. As of now, the site was conserved to let people see how it look like before when it was still an active airport. You will get a glimpse of the history that happened inside the Terminal Building, Hangar, and the enormous iron-wrought gates. 

#5 Splash N’ Surf

If you like water, slides, and skimboarding, then you hit the jackpot here at Splash N’ Surf. They have different kinds of things that will entertain you for the whole day like bucket swings, water jets, and slides for thrills and spills. They also have bodyboarding and skimboarding for adults. It will surely make your whole family happy and satisfied. They are open every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

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5 Great Italian Restaurants in Marina Bay Sands

Ce' La Vi Restaurant and Skybar

Enjoy Modern Asian cuisine at its finest paired with your favorite signature cocktails, while taking in the breathtaking views of the city skyline only here at CE' LA VI Restaurant and SkyBar. 

Located at L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 3, lunch and dinner menus feautre main dishes like the Pan-Roasted Kuhlbarra Barramundi with Chili Oil, and delectable desserts that include the Orange Citrus & White Chocolate Gateaux. Here's their detailed menu list for you to check out. 

There's also an extensive list of sakes, fine wines, beers, liquers and spirits while you party the night away with their resident and celebrity DJs at CE' LA VI Club Lounge. They simply know how to set the mood when you just want to chill out, unwind, and toast to the good life.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Da Paolo Gastronomia at Marina Bay Sands serves as a serene respite if you wish to have a gratifying lunch by day or looking for an intimate spot for a luxurious dinner at night. 

Some of their all-time favorites are their Carmel donut and salted Carmel gelato. The Parma Ham and Wild Rocket Panini also have customers blown away with their great flavors.

Their concept is an eat-in and take-out one-stop joint having freshly made food and imported boutique produce so customers can enjoy that complete gourmet experience. They use only all-natural flavors and quality ingredients while giving you a quick and easy meal anytime, anywhere. 

Paolo and Judie Scarpa first opened the resto thirty years ago, as a modest trattoria. This humble eatery became so successful that it soon expanded into a Da Paolo Group, which includes the BistroBar, PizzabAR, Gastronimia and Da Paolo Catering. Three decades later, Da Paolo remains a family-run business dedicated to offering only authentic, quality Italian cuisine. 

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

If you want the ultimate dining experience with a spectacular view, this is the place to be. Located 57-stories above the ground amidst the city's stunning skyline, is a hearty Italian-American cuisine accompanied by electrifying music. 

Try their classic Chicken Parmigiano and the all time fave LAVO Meatball. This is made out of fresh Imperial Wagyu Beef and Italian sausage which are spiced to perfection, then topped with whipped ricotta cheese. For dessert, sink your teeth in their signature 20-Layer Chocolate Cake with peanut butter mascarpone. This is definitely a luscious and wickedly rich treat that will satisfy your sweet cravings. 

The LAVO also prides itself with a luxurious indoor and outdoor lounge with a fully equipped DJ booth situated at the heart of the resto. On Saturdays, it transforms into a "club" as the DJ takes over the night with electrifying music to get you into a party mood all night long. It's the perfect party spot to just hang-out and chill after a long day's work.

Terra Tokyo Italian

This Tokyo-Italian fine-dining restaurant is one of the most fluid one in Singapore. Its menu is constantly changing, dependeing on the exclusivity of their hand-picked seasonal ingredients. 

Earning a 1-Michelin Star in 2016 is no joke, so you know chef Seita means serious business. Chef Seita Nakahara modifies his omakase menu exclusively to better to his guest's individual needs and preferences. This makes your every visit to Terra an intimate and distinctive experience. 

Included in Terra's signature dishes is the Uni (Hokkaido sea urchin) Bruschetta, served with home made preserved lemons which are preserved for about 6-7 months. Along with the uni's thick creaminess, the preserved lemon gives you a small tinge of citrus and bitter tang, leaving a fruity melt in your mouth. Adding a layer of crunchiness to the dish is the grilled bread, to contrast the softness of the uni. Aside from this, other must-try dishes are the Bonito Carpaccio and the King Snow Crab Spaghettini.

Dolce Vita

Prepare to be enchanted the moment you enter its doors, to be welcomed by neutral tones exuding a chic and sophisticated vibe. There is a stone finish backdrop and granite coutnertop accentuating its luxe character as you unwind in the comfort of their mahogany chairs. Furthermore, be in awe of the city's breathtaking skyline view on the alfresco area on the outdoor, leading to the patio and stylish pool area.

The Dolce Vita is proud of its premium produce which are flown all the way from Italy. Their dishes are created with only the finest ingredients of the best quality. Guests can always rely on an exquisite dining experience which includes the flavorful classic Treccial buffalo mozzarella, fresh seafood, homemade pasta and risotto, and so much more. Main course features sumptuous choices like the grilled prime beef, and for that perfect finale, their modern gourmet desserts which are always a big hit. And to complete this amazing experience, there's the outstanding collection of fine wines  that are meticulously curated by none other than their award-winning sommelier.

Heading to Bugis Credit from Marina Bay Sands? You won’t get lost by following this short but nifty instruction. 

Heading to Bugis Credit from Marina Bay Sands:

  1. From Marina Bay Sands, turn west until you arrive at the Bayfront downtown line. Take entrance A
  2. Drop immediately at Promenade in Bugis and take Exit C
  3. Head southwest and turn left towards Middle Road
  4. You’ll arrive at Bugis Cube, Bugis Credit is at #02-12

Top 5 Italian Restaurants near Bukit Timah

Craving for Italian food but hate getting disappointed by so-called Italian restaurants serving Italian wannabe food? Here’s a list of Italian restaurants serving authentic flavours of Italy’s classics. 

Al Borgo Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

From laid-back lunch with big families and a romantic candle-light dinner with your significant other, Al Borgo offers a wide range of Italian prime menus and divine wines. Italy, known for its Mediterranean cuisines that are not only known for its heavenly taste, it also gives out majestic serving decorations of the dishes. Provided with an elegant and comfortable restaurant layout, your dining time will definitely be memorable! Not just that, their oven-baked pizzas and Italian cheesecake are must-tries! 


Ever since its opening in 2002, Spizza has never failed its customers in serving the best Italian wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas in town! In maintaining their quality, all of their menus are made in-house with the freshest ingredients and most talented cooks. This award-winning food joint offers all of the craved Italian cookeries – from pizzas, soups, pasta, desserts and even salads. Your pizzeria experience will be supreme whether you dine-in or you opt for the delivery service that is available island-wide!


If you are on the lookout for delicious Italian fare buffet, come down to Basilico! Furthermore, this exclusive hotel restaurant also provides a la carte dining to cater to all of their customers’ needs. Some more, Basilico offers terrific brunch buffet for your intimate get-together. This high-class eatery gives you an unforgettable authentic Italian foods experience. As a well-known place, early booking is highly recommended for you to not miss out on Basilico perfection.

Da Luca Italian Restaurant

This highly-rated restaurant is said to have one of the best angel hair Italian pasta in Bt. Timah. For good measure, it also has quite a range of menus for vegetarians who yearn for well-seasoned and excellently served Italian fares. It offers a complete dining experience from lovely appetizers to toothsome desserts.

Pete's Place

Pete’s Place is one of the most iconic Italian restaurants in Bt. Timah and in Singapore. With almost 40 years of operation, they offer forty-five authentic, seasoned, perfectly-cooked Italian foods. It provides a warm, rustic and classical environment for visitors to enjoy their food as if they are in Italy! Not merely, they have other delightful options for those who practice plant-based diets.

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